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Effective learning of buckling of columns in engineering programs


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Lê, Van Ngan et Champliaud, Henri et Marchand, Françoise et Terriault, Patrick et Arteau, Jean. 2010. « Effective learning of buckling of columns in engineering programs ». In Proceedings of international conference on engineering and technology education (Ilheus, Bahia, Brazil, Mar. 7-10, 2010), p. 143-147.

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In classic mechanical and civil engineering programs, buckling of columns is learned at end of the basic strength of materials course due to prerequisite subjects on integrals, differential equations, and engineering statics. This classic chronology of subject “buckling of columns” presents only a small advantage, which is to understand mathematical demonstration of buckling formulas, but does not give students opportunity of designing structures during learning engineering statics and strength of materials. By reorganizing few subjects and introducing practical aspects of buckling formulas earlier without all prerequisite subjects, students could practice structural design projects and some simultaneous engineering aspects by team work as early as from midway of the very first engineering course. This new approach has been applied for many years to Mechanical Engineering program of École de technologie supérieure in Montréal, Canada and proven very effective and well appreciated by students.

Type de document: Compte rendu de conférence
Informations complémentaires: Engineering and Technology Education Innovating for Growth (INTERTECH'2010)
Lê, Van Ngan
Champliaud, Henri
Marchand, Françoise
Terriault, Patrick
Arteau, Jean
Affiliation: Génie mécanique
Date de dépôt: 25 août 2015 17:48
Dernière modification: 20 avr. 2017 15:08
URI: http://espace2.etsmtl.ca/id/eprint/10438

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