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Implementation Details of a Hardware Abstraction-Based Design Methodology For Radiofrequency Circuits: Examples of Linear Devices


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Lafi, Sabeur et Kouki, Ammar et Belzile, Jean. 2016. « Implementation Details of a Hardware Abstraction-Based Design Methodology For Radiofrequency Circuits: Examples of Linear Devices ». Coll. « Rapport technique (École de technologie supérieure) », vol. ETS-RT-2016-002. Montréal, Canada : École de technologie supérieure. 123 p.

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The emergence of new applications and services raises consumer expectations regarding future radio systems’ performance. However, radio design is becoming more challenging due to multi-standard functionality, spectrum crowdedness and harsh operating environments. In order to keep pace with the emerging requirements, notable enhancements in radiofrequency design approaches are required. At this regard, several design challenges should be addressed especially in terms of productivity, design collaboration, automation and reuse as well as ensuring better technology insertion. To tackle all these challenges, we have proposed in recent research publications a proposal of a new radiofrequency design framework based on hardware abstraction. We have particularly detailed its key foundations: a five-step design scheme that is streamlined to a novel abstraction strategy and built around a multidimensional data structure, namely the Q-matrix. We have undertaken the validation process of the proposed framework through selected design case studies corresponding to real-world applications. In this technical report, we present in some detail the framework validation results for the design of a radiofrequency selection device. Two scenarios were investigated and the overall design process was detailed.

Type de document: Rapport technique (NON SPÉCIFIÉ)
Informations complémentaires: Titre traduit: Détails d’implémentation d’une méthodologie de conception de circuits radiofréquences basée sur l’abstraction matérielle: exemples de composants linéaires
Kouki, Ammar B.
Belzile, Jean
Affiliation: Génie électrique, Génie électrique
Date de dépôt: 08 juill. 2016 18:08
Dernière modification: 10 oct. 2018 18:06
URI: http://espace2.etsmtl.ca/id/eprint/13095

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