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How vehicle emissions vary through the day, week and year: evidence from telematics data


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Pellecuer, Luc et Tate, J. et Chapman, S.. 2016. « How vehicle emissions vary through the day, week and year: evidence from telematics data ». In 21st International Transport and Air Pollution Conference (TAP 2016) (Lyon, France, May 24-26, 2016)

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To better estimate and forecast the air quality variation over time, and to improve the efficiency of air quality plans, the temporal variability of traffic emissions warrants further study. This paper presents the analysis of a telematics dataset providing information, sampled at 1 Hz, about 35 000 journeys of a fleet of private vehicles located in the Sheffield area. Variation of vehicle specific power (VSP), which is a good predictor of exhaust emissions, were examined through the day, the week and the year, across different types of day, and against weather and visibility conditions. Whatever the time scale, traffic conditions and the type of the day (regular, weekend, or holiday) were found to affect the value of VSP by up to 30.1% and 56.7%, respectively. Bad weather conditions were found to induce 26.7% lower VSP values whereas daylight was found to induce 8.7% lower VSP values. Consequently, the results suggest that in order to accurately estimate and forecast emissions exhausted from motor vehicle traffic and air quality, ad hoc models should at least take into account the type of day and include diurnal variation. Moreover, the results demonstrate that the influence of traffic on vehicle emissions can be captured qualitatively even in the absence of traffic data.

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Pellecuer, Luc
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Date de dépôt: 04 août 2016 15:14
Dernière modification: 11 août 2016 13:41
URI: http://espace2.etsmtl.ca/id/eprint/13502

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