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A dynamic compiler for embedded Java virtual machines

Debbabi, Mourad et Gherbi, Abdelouahed et Ketari, Lamia et Talhi, Chamseddine et Twabi, Nadia et Yahyaoui, Hamdi et Zhioua, Sami. 2004. « A dynamic compiler for embedded Java virtual machines ». In Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Principles and Practice of Programming in Java (Las Vegas, NV, USA, June 16-18, 2004), p. 100-106. Trinity College Dublin.


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A new acceleration technology for Java embedded virtual machines is presented in this paper. Based on the selective dynamic compilation technique, this technology addresses the J2ME/CLDC (Java 2 Micro Edition for Connected Limited Device Configuration) platform. The primary objective of our work is to come up with an effcient, lightweight and low-footprint accelerated embedded Java Virtual Machine. This is achieved by the means of integrating a selective dynamic compiler that we called E-Bunny into the J2ME/CLDC virtual machine KVM. This paper presents the motivations, the architecture, the design and the implementation issues of E-Bunny and how we addressed them. Experimental results on the performance of our modified KVM demonstrate that we accomplished a speedup of 400% with respect to the latest version of KVM. This experimentation was carried on using standard J2ME benchmarks.

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Gherbi, Abdelouahed
Talhi, Chamseddine
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