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A Tool suite for the generation and validation of configurations for software availability

Gherbi, A. et Kanso, A. et Khendek, F. et Hamou-Lhadj, A. et Toeroe, M.. 2009. « A Tool suite for the generation and validation of configurations for software availability ». In 2009 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (Auckland, New Zealand, Nov. 16-20, 2009), p. 671-673. IEEE.


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The Availability Management Framework (AMF) is a service responsible for managing the availability of services provided by applications that run under its control. Standardized by the Service Availability Forum (SAF), AMF requires for its operations a complete and compliant AMF configuration of the applications to be managed. In this paper, we describe two complementary and integrated tools for AMF configurations generation and validation. Indeed, writing manually an AMF configuration is a tedious and error prone task as a large number of requirements defined in the standard have to be taken into consideration during the process. One solution for ensuring compliance with the standard is the validation of the configurations against all the AMF requirements. For this, we have designed and implemented a domain model for AMF configurations and use it as a basis for an AMF configuration validator. To further ease the task of a configuration designer, we have devised and implemented a method for generating automatically AMF configurations.

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Gherbi, Abdelouahed
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