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Material law for NITI shape memory alloys based on dual kriging interpolation


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Volkov, O. et Trochu, F. et Brailovski, Vladimir et Sacepe, N. et Terriault, Patrick. 1999. « Material law for NITI shape memory alloys based on dual kriging interpolation ». Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Materials, vol. 10, nº 4. p. 215-226.

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A large number of industrial applications could benefit from the remarkable properties of shape memory alloys. The development of a general material law is the first important step before reliable design calculations of shape memory devices can be carried out. This paper presents a new phenomenological constitutive law based on dual kriging, which is a powerful mathematical tool used here as interpolation method to simulate the macroscopic behavior of shape memory alloys. On a set of experimental strain-temperature curves given at constant loads, two surfaces are constructed in the stress, strain and temperature space which describe the cooling and heating behavior of the material at any stress. The response of a specimen subjected to complex thermomechanical loading can be calculated by dual kriging as a general three-dimensional parametric solid anywhere inside the hysteretic domain delimited by the main cooling and heating surfaces. This approach presents the advantage of yielding immediately the explicit equation of any partial cycle inside the main hysteretic thermal cycle, thus allowing a general material law for shape memory alloys to be constructed. Preliminary validations for a set of simple examples demonstrate the potential of this new approach.

Type de document: Article publié dans une revue, révisé par les pairs
Brailovski, Vladimir
Terriault, Patrick
Affiliation: Génie mécanique
Date de dépôt: 19 févr. 2013 16:26
Dernière modification: 26 avr. 2016 13:16

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