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Energy efficiency tradeoff mechanism towards wireless green communication: a survey


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Mahapatra, Rajarshi et Nijsure, Yogesh et Kaddoum, Georges et Ul Hassan, Naveed et Chau, Yuen. 2016. « Energy efficiency tradeoff mechanism towards wireless green communication: a survey ». IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, vol. 18, nº 1. p. 686-705.


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Energy efficient (EE) communication has earned tremendous interest in recent years due to ever increasing number of wireless devices operating in shrinking cells, while demanding high data rates with high Quality of Services (QoS) and Quality of Expectation (QoE). To support these objectives, energy is consumed in every protocol layer. Establishing and maintaining a successful wireless communication link to simultaneously achieve all these objectives becomes challenging since the energy consumption requirements of the user and network are different for different objectives. Thus, there is a need for tradeoff techniques to achieve energy efficiency in each protocol layer. In this paper, we provide a survey of different tradeoff mechanisms proposed in the literature. The EE tradeoffs have been classified based on each protocol layer and discussed its affect in the network energy efficiency. These other QoS parameters include spectral efficiency, deployment, delay, routing, scheduling, bandwidth and coding etc. This survey also discusses the various EE techniques to improve energy-efficiency in infrastructure mode. Finally, the work provides an discussion, where impact of EE tradeoffs have been presented based on different wireless architecture towards realizing a green wireless communication network.

Type de document: Article publié dans une revue, révisé par les pairs
Kaddoum, Georges
Affiliation: Génie électrique
Date de dépôt: 23 févr. 2016 21:24
Dernière modification: 24 avr. 2017 19:36

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