A showcase of ÉTS researchers’ publications and other contributions

About Espace ÉTS

Espace ÉTS is a showcase for the work carried out by École de technologie supérieure professors and researchers. The site provides a comprehensive overview of research efforts and achievements at ÉTS. Full-text documents for some of these research initiatives are available free of charge in accordance with authors’ permission and cooperation.

The school’s library department oversees and manages Espace ÉTS; open-source software EPrints was used to create this resource.

Espace ÉTS content

Espace ÉTS features publications and other contributions by the school’s professors and researchers. To be included in Espace ÉTS, documents must list at least one author who is affiliated with ÉTS. Current Espace ÉTS content stems mainly from annual research reports and ÉTS professors’ annual work reviews.

Espace ÉTS content includes:

  • Peer-reviewed articles published in journals
  • Conference proceedings
  • Books
  • Book chapters
  • Non peer-reviewed journal or magazine articles
  • Posters
  • Communications
  • Technical reports
  • Patents
  • Dissertations or theses

Each listed publication includes available metadata for easy search and retrieval, including author(s), document title, year, journal or conference title, volume number, issue number, and number of pages.

Also supplied is the digital object identifier (DOI) or a link providing restricted access to the full-text document on the publisher’s web site. With permission from the author(s), we can make access to full-text documents available in Espace ÉTS.