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Simulation-based verification of avionic systems deployed on IMA architectures


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Robati, Tiyam, El Kouhen, Amine, Gherbi, Abdelouahed and Mullins, John. 2015. « Simulation-based verification of avionic systems deployed on IMA architectures ». In MoDELS P and D 2015 - Proceedings of the MoDELS 2015 Demo and Poster Session, co-located with ACM/IEEE 18th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MoDELS'15) (Ottawa, ON, Canada, Sept. 27 2015) Coll. « CEUR Workshop Proceedings », vol. 1554. pp. 56-59. CEUR-WS.

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Use licence: Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND.

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To build reliable avionic applications, we interconnect Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) architectures with Time- Triggered Ethernet (TT-Ethernet). These systems have direct impacts on human lives where the failure is unacceptable. Therefore, verification is an important issue to ensure the safety and the performance of the system. The integration of IMA architectures is a very complex and challenging engineering task. To cope with complexity and to perform verification, a model-based approach, which endows engineering teams with a methodology and an adequate tooling is of a paramount importance. To design IMA architectures interconnected with TT-Ethernet, we have proposed an extension of the AADL language in previous works. In this paper, we present a simulation-based verification of our extension and show how it can be simulated using a discrete event simulation environment called DEVS Suite. The main advantage of this technique is to perform cycle-accurate simulation of the complex avionics systems, which cannot be undertaken by model checking techniques. The tool demonstration video is available at:

Item Type: Conference proceeding
Kulkarmi, Vinay
Badreddin, Omar
Gherbi, Abdelouahed
Affiliation: Génie logiciel et des technologies de l'information
Date Deposited: 10 May 2016 18:33
Last Modified: 12 Apr 2017 19:26

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