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Increasing client capabilities through requirement engineering


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Forgues, Daniel. 2006. « Increasing client capabilities through requirement engineering ». In Building on IT : Joint International Conference 14-16 June 2006 in Montreal, Canada (Montréal, Canada, June 14-16, 2006) pp. 3647-3656.

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Studies have demonstrated the relationship between project failure and poor requirement management. Whereas information technology (IT) organizations have adopted requirement engineering or configuration management tools and methodologies to ensure alignment between IT strategy and project outcomes, there is almost no research for the construction industry to develop clients’ capabilities to manage their requirements. This paper proposes a conceptual framework for client-driven integrated requirement management. It argues that the client needs to describe and measure project outputs not only in terms of expected end results, but also as requirements to be met. This framework aims to help the client track project performance and alignment with strategic expected outcomes, using requirement metrics. It also seeks to provide industry with the infrastructure to move to performance-based e-procurement. The objective is to get away from traditional and inefficient cost and schedule metrics to move to systematic planning, management and tracking of client requirements for measuring the efficiency of the project team and construction suppliers in generating best value for money. The research benefits for the construction industry can be significant. This paper proposes a new paradigm for accelerating the adoption of IT in construction, by systematizing emerging client-driven performance or value-based management though systematic requirement management. IT acts as an enabler and driver of change in this paradigm.

Item Type: Conference proceeding
Rivard, Hugues
Miresco, Edmond
Melhem, H.
Additional Information: Joint International Conference on Computing and Decision Making in Civil and Building Engineering
Forgues, Daniel
Affiliation: Génie de la construction
Date Deposited: 04 Aug 2016 16:23
Last Modified: 18 Aug 2016 14:59

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