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The Brillouin gain of vector modes in a few-mode fiber


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Pradhan, Prabin, Sengupta, Dipankar, Wang, Lixian, Tremblay, Christine, LaRochelle, Sophie et Ung, Bora. 2017. « The Brillouin gain of vector modes in a few-mode fiber ». Scientific Reports, vol. 7.
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In this work, we demonstrate the measurement of the Brillouin gain spectra of vector modes in a few-mode fiber for the first time using a simple heterodyne detection technique. A tunable long period fiber grating is used to selectively excite the vector modes supported by the few-mode fiber. Further, we demonstrate the non-destructive measurement of the absolute effective refractive indices (n eff ) of vector modes with ~10−4 accuracy based on the acquired Brillouin frequency shifts of the modes. The proposed technique represents a new tool for probing and controlling vector modes as well as modes carrying orbital angular momentum in optical fibers with potential applications in advanced optical communications and multi-parameter fiber-optic sensing.

Item Type: Peer reviewed article published in a journal
Additional Information: Identifiant de l'article: 1552
Uncontrolled Keywords: Fonds d'auteur ÉTS, FAETS
Tremblay, Christine
Ung, Bora
Affiliation: Génie électrique
Date Deposited: 08 May 2017 15:54
Last Modified: 22 Jan 2020 20:12

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