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An overview of energy and exergy analysis to the industrial sector, a contribution to sustainability


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Arango-Miranda, Raúl, Hausler, Robert, Romero-López, Rabindranarth, Glaus, Mathias et Ibarra-Zavaleta, Sara. 2018. « An overview of energy and exergy analysis to the industrial sector, a contribution to sustainability ». Sustainability, vol. 10, nº 1. p. 153.
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Globally, industry remains one of the main consumers of fossil fuels; hence, it is one of the prime sources of greenhouse gases (GHG). Exergy analysis methods can be applied to detect the processes inefficiencies. To enhance the interconnection of the exergy and the environment theories, renewable share and exergy efficiency are suggested, in a contribution to sustainability. Exergy analysis is proposed and lifted to study the industrial sector. Even though exergy analysis has been applied to study societies, few studies have been conducted to study emerging-market economies. In 2015, Mexico’s crude oil production was the 12th biggest worldwide, therefore fossil fuels are still the main source to produce energy for the domestic and productive sectors of the Mexican society. Consequently, a prospective study case in Mexico is suggested. The industrial sectorial exergy consumption amounts 1350 PJ in 2000, increasing to 1591 PJ in 2015. Both energy and exergy efficiencies show similar results along the 16 years, with average energy and exergy efficiencies of 78% and 23%, respectively. In comparison with results of similar studies, Mexican exergy efficiency falls within the ranges, yet below the average of 48%. Thus, poor efficiency is still occurring in the sector. Our proposal could provide significant opportunities to become a more sustainable sector, based on the exergetic renewable share and the exergy efficiency.

Item Type: Peer reviewed article published in a journal
Hausler, Robert
Glaus, Mathias
Affiliation: Génie de la construction, Génie de la construction
Date Deposited: 12 Jan 2018 20:10
Last Modified: 17 Apr 2018 17:40

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