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Effects of proof mass geometry on piezoelectric vibration energy harvesters


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Alameh, Abdul Hafiz, Gratuze, Mathieu, Elsayed, Mohannad Y. et Nabki, Frederic. 2018. « Effects of proof mass geometry on piezoelectric vibration energy harvesters ». Sensors, vol. 18, nº 5.
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Piezoelectric energy harvesters have proven to have the potential to be a power source in a wide range of applications. As the harvester dimensions scale down, the resonance frequencies of these devices increase drastically. Proof masses are essential in micro-scale devices in order to decrease the resonance frequency and increase the strain along the beam to increase the output power. In this work, the effects of proof mass geometry on piezoelectric energy harvesters are studied. Different geometrical dimension ratios have significant impact on the resonance frequency, e.g., beam to mass lengths, and beam to mass widths. A piezoelectric energy harvester has been fabricated and tested operating at a frequency of about 4 kHz within the audible range. The responses of various prototypes were studied, and an optimized T-shaped piezoelectric vibration energy harvester design is presented for improved performance.

Item Type: Peer reviewed article published in a journal
Nabki, Frédéric
Affiliation: Génie électrique
Date Deposited: 16 Jul 2018 21:23
Last Modified: 22 Jan 2020 20:10

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