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Validation of a cooling vest’s usability matrix for deep and ultra-deep mining environments


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Ngô, Valérie Tuyêt Mai, Nadeau, Sylvie et Hallé, Stéphane. 2019. « Validation of a cooling vest’s usability matrix for deep and ultra-deep mining environments ». In Frühjahrskongress der Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft (Dresden, Germany, Feb. 27-Mar. 1, 2019) Coll. « Kongress der Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft », vol. 65. Dortmund : GfA-Press.

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Exposure to high heat and humidity in underground mining calls for a cooling vest for miners. 16 criteria were proposed as part of a usability matrix that takes into account design, user requirements and constraints, based on a literature review and an exploratory field study. To validate this matrix, an expert elicitation was conducted with eight health and safety experts from university and industry. The objective was to determine a hierarchy to the criteria as well as their worth. To process the information, a mathematical aggregation method, linear opinion pooling, was used to merge the data. Results show that all experts agree on design aesthetic as being the least important at this point of the product development, while efficiency is of highest priority. More research will need to be done over a larger pool of participants to be able to completely converge on all criteria.

Item Type: Conference proceeding
Additional Information: Arbeit interdisziplinär analysieren – bewerten – gestalten ; Identifiant de l'article: Paper B 10.5
Nadeau, Sylvie
Hallé, Stéphane
Affiliation: Génie mécanique, Génie mécanique
Date Deposited: 04 Mar 2019 20:03
Last Modified: 24 Apr 2020 17:43

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