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Improving High Voltage Cables Using LDPE/CB Conductive Composites


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Azizi, Sohrab, David, Éric, Fréchette, Michel, Nguyen-Tri, Phuong et Ouellet-Plamondon, Claudiane. 29 January 2019. « Improving High Voltage Cables Using LDPE/CB Conductive Composites ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

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In recent decades, polymeric composites have received significant interest due to several enhanced properties, such as excellent mechanical, thermal, electrical and light-weight properties. In this regard, carbon-based materials like polymeric matrix reinforced by carbon black and graphene have answered particular requirements for several electrical applications. For example, these composites are commonly used as semi-conductive materials in high voltage underground cables. The 1998 ice storm in Quebec caused catastrophic effects that led to billions of dollars in damages, which could have been prevented by using extruded-underground transmission cables instead of overhead lines. In fact, extruded high-voltage cables feature long durability, lower environmental impact and lower maintenance cost. However, improved design and development of enhanced insulating and semi-conductive composites for use in the different layers of high voltage cables still needs to be done. Therefore, considering the above-mentioned requirements, we studied the electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties of LDPE/CB (low density polyethylene/carbon black) composites and our findings led to the design of an appropriate polymer composite with suitable electrical and thermal conductivity as well as increase mechanical properties for electrical applications.

Item Type: Non-peer reviewed article published in a journal or magazine
Refereed: No
Uncontrolled Keywords: Keywords: Electrical conductivity, composites, carbon black.
David, Éric
Nguyen-Tri, Phuong
Ouellet-Plamondon, Claudiane
Affiliation: Génie mécanique, Génie de la construction, Génie de la construction
Date Deposited: 26 Mar 2019 16:06
Last Modified: 18 Sep 2019 20:00

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