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Visualizing and quantifying thoraco-abdominal asynchrony in children from motion point clouds: A pilot study


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Rehouma, Haythem, Noumeir, Rita, Masson, Gabriel, Essouri, Sandrine and Jouvet, Philippe. 2019. « Visualizing and quantifying thoraco-abdominal asynchrony in children from motion point clouds: A pilot study ». IEEE Access, vol. 7. pp. 163341-163357.
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In a situation of respiratory failure (RF), patients show signs of increased work of breathing leading to the involvement of accessory respiratory muscles and a desynchronization between rib cage and abdomen known as thoraco-abdominal asynchrony (TAA). Proper assessment of these signs requires sufficiently skilled and trained medical staff. However, human assessment is subjective and is practically impossible to audit. A new non-contact method is proposed for TAA visualization and quantification, in children with RF. The surface variations are analyzed by calculating the 3-dimensional motion of the thorax and abdomen regions during the breathing process. A high-fidelity mannequin was used to simulate thoraco-abdominal asynchrony. The proposed system uses depth information recorded by an RGB-D (Red Green Blue-Depth) camera. Furthermore, surface displacement was calculated in four simulated modes from the normal to the severe TAA mode. Respiratory rates were also calculated based on the analysis of the surface movements. The proposed method was compared to a highly precise laser-ranging system with 1 mm resolution. The resulting root mean square deviation (RMSD) showed an error of 1.78 ml in normal mode, 2.83 mm in mild mode, 2.23 mm in severe mode and 2.34 mm in irregular mode. The results showed a high correlation between the two methods in estimating the retraction distance and respiratory rate (ρ >0.985).

Item Type: Peer reviewed article published in a journal
Noumeir, Rita
Affiliation: Génie électrique
Date Deposited: 10 Dec 2019 20:18
Last Modified: 13 Dec 2019 16:28

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