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Tolerancing a solid model with a kinematic formulation


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Rivest, Louis, Fortin, Clément and Morel, Claude. 1994. « Tolerancing a solid model with a kinematic formulation ». Computer-Aided Design, vol. 26, nº 6. pp. 465-476.
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The 3D analysis of tolerances is one of the critical functional requirements of solid-modelling systems which is most lacking at the present time. 3D tolerance analysis is most difficult to carry out by hand when it involves geometrical tolerances. A computerized 3D tolerance analysis is therefore needed, and an appropriate tolerancing model must be devised. The paper first acknowledges the kinematic nature of tolerance-chain analysis. A kinematic formulation of full 3D dimensional and geometrical tolerances is then proposed. The scheme represents all tolerances within a kinematic model, which is compatible with existing standards such as ansi y14.5m. The semantics of tolerances is respected, as tolerances are automatically interpreted to yield tolerance zones and datum reference frames. A tolerance chain is modelled as a kinematic chain, thus enabling multiple tolerances to be manipulated to solve 3D tolerance-chain analysis problems. The implementation of the modelling concept on an exact solid modeller is described. An application of the tolerancing model to the visualization of tolerance zones is also shown.

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Rivest, Louis
Affiliation: Autres
Date Deposited: 28 Sep 2020 18:01
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