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The ear in the age of IoT


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Voix, Jérémie. 2019. « The ear in the age of IoT ». In Proceedings of the 23rd International Congress on Acoustics (Aachen, Germany, Sept. 09-13, 2019)
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In this age of the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables are now everywhere, sometimes even in your earcanal. The research team from the NSERC-EERS Industrial Research Chair in In-Ear Technologies (CRITIAS) has been actively developing various in-ear technologies designed to complement the human ear, from ”smart” hearing protection against industrial noises, to advanced inter-individual communication systems, to hearing health monitoring devices using otoacoustic emission (OAE), to in-ear EEG Brain Computer Interface (BCI). More fundamental research has also been conducted, particularly on the micro-harvesting of electrical power from inside the earcanal to power future auditory wearables. The lastest research developments will be presented in this keynote presentation, together with some of the recent developments achieved through the CRITIAS industrial research chair in in-ear technologies or other research groups.

Item Type: Conference proceeding
Additional Information: Distinguished keynote
Voix, Jérémie
Affiliation: Génie mécanique
Date Deposited: 03 Dec 2020 18:55
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