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Predicting Ice Debris Trajectories Around an Aircraft in Flight


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Ignatowicz, Kevin, Morency, François and Lopez, Pierre. 11 December 2019. « Predicting Ice Debris Trajectories Around an Aircraft in Flight ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

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In freezing weather conditions, ice can form on an aircraft surface. Ice debris dislodged by activating deicing systems can become dangerous projectiles, and knowing their trajectory is of paramount importance. A previous article published in Substance laid the foundation for the calculation of ice debris trajectories around an aircraft. In the present study, the debris is considered to have the form of a thin plate. The objective is to propose a mathematical model for the 3D damping moment in order to improve the models used in the literature. This damping moment makes it possible to limit the self-rotation speed of the plate and avoid extreme situations, where angular speeds are excessively high or, conversely, zero. After explaining the equations used to calculate trajectories, the article focuses on the expression of the damping moment. The model will first be compared with the experimental observations of Tachikawa (1983) for verification. Then, the implementation is illustrated with trajectory calculations around a blended-wing-body aircraft.

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Morency, François
Affiliation: Génie mécanique
Date Deposited: 03 Dec 2020 20:38
Last Modified: 08 Jan 2021 14:55

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