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A simplified method for seismic analysis of rooftop telecommunication towers


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Assi, R. et McClure, G.. 2007. « A simplified method for seismic analysis of rooftop telecommunication towers ». In 9th Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering (CCEE) (Ottawa, ON, Canada, June 26-29, 2007) pp. 244-253. The Canadian Association for Earthquake Engineering.

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A simplified method for the estimation of seismic forces at the base of self-supporting telecommunication towers mounted on building rooftops is presented in this paper. While some codes and standards propose simplified methods for the evaluation of base shear forces for towers founded on ground, no method yet exists for the evaluation of base overturning moments, either on ground or on buildings rooftops. The proposed method requires the prediction of input seismic acceleration at the building-tower interface, the definition of an acceleration profile along the building-mounted tower, and finally the mass distribution of the tower along its height. The method was developed on the basis of detailed dynamic analysis of three self-supporting steel lattice towers assumed to be mounted separately on three existing buildings. It was found that the proposed method generally yields conservative results. The method is proposed as a simplified design check: if this design check indicates that seismic loads do govern the tower design, a more detailed dynamic analysis of the tower-building system is recommended.

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Assi, Rola
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