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Seismic considerations for telecommunication towers mounted on building rooftops


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McClure, Ghyslaine, Georgi, Laura and Assi, Rola. 2004. « Seismic considerations for telecommunication towers mounted on building rooftops ». In 13th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (WCEE) (Vancouver, BC, Canada, Aug. 1-6, 2004)

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Lattice towers are used as antenna-supporting structures in telecommunication network systems. Some of these telecommunication towers represent critical links in a network and may be required to be fully functional during or immediately after a strong earthquake. In a densely built environment, towers are mounted on building rooftops and their response is influenced by the dynamic characteristics of the building itself. In this study, time history analyses are used to explore the correlation between the building accelerations and the maximum seismic base shear as well as the base overturning moment of towers mounted on building rooftops. The models include two medium-rise buildings combined with two self-supporting lattice steel towers subjected to 45 horizontal accelerograms with varied frequency content. The tower base shear results are compared with the predictions based on a simplified formula proposed in building codes for secondary structures. Although data for the isolated buildings and towers is realistic, the combined structures do not exist.

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Assi, Rola
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