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Scaled-up multi-needle electrospinning process using parallel plate auxiliary electrodes


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Beaudoin, Étienne J., Kubaski, Maurício M., Samara, Mazen, Zednik, Ricardo J. et Demarquette, Nicole R.. 2022. « Scaled-up multi-needle electrospinning process using parallel plate auxiliary electrodes ». Nanomaterials, vol. 12, nº 8.

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Electrospinning has gained much attention in recent years due to its ability to easily produce high-quality polymeric nanofibers. However, electrospinning suffers from limited production capacity and a method to readily scale up this process is needed. One obvious approach includes the use of multiple electrospinning needles operating in parallel. Nonetheless, such an implementation has remained elusive, partly due to the uneven electric field distribution resulting from the Coulombic repulsion between the charged jets and needles. In this work, the uniformization of the electric field was performed for a linear array of twenty electrospinning needles using lateral charged plates as auxiliary electrodes. The effect of the auxiliary electrodes was characterized by investigating the semi-vertical angle of the spun jets, the deposition area and diameter of the fibers, as well as the thickness of the produced membranes. Finite element simulation was also used to analyze the impact of the auxiliary electrodes on the electric field intensity below each needle. Implementing parallel lateral plates as auxiliary electrodes was shown to help achieve uniformization of the electric field, the semi-vertical angle of the spun jet, and the deposition area of the fibers for the multi-needle electrospinning process. The high-quality morphology of the polymer nanofibers obtained by this improved process was confirmed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). These findings help resolve one of the primary challenges that have plagued the large-scale industrial adoption of this exciting polymer processing technique.

Item Type: Peer reviewed article published in a journal
Zednik, Ricardo
Demarquette, Nicole R.
Affiliation: Génie mécanique, Génie mécanique
Date Deposited: 29 Apr 2022 20:16
Last Modified: 02 May 2022 18:08

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