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Accessibility and ensured quality of life for disabled people using trusted edge computing


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Rathee, Geetanjali, Garg, Sahil, Kaddoum, Georges, Alzanin, Samah M., Gumaei, Abdu and Hassan, Mohammad Mehedi. 2023. « Accessibility and ensured quality of life for disabled people using trusted edge computing ». Alexandria Engineering Journal, vol. 82. pp. 35-42.

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Now a days, the revolution or advancements in Information Communication Technology (ICT) are changing the way of handling the situations in the present environment. In our society, several people are present who live with physical difficulties and can not complete their basic household tasks for their own. The disabled person is all alone at home and caring the house where intermediator may gain the benefit of the opportunity. Though the modern era is revolutionizing the whole communication and interaction process among environment and human. The disabled person who cannot walk, and is deaf completely unable to hear, run or handle the current situation, the automatic systems or alarm may be compromised by the intruder and can access the house with the mean of steal. The aim of this paper is to propose a secure and competent communication mechanism for AI and edge-computing based home automation in case of disabled persons handling the situation. The proposed mechanism integrates the distrust-based recommendation system along with Social Contact Similarity mechanism that improves the efficiency and quick action decision corresponding to the altered device that may cause severe harm at the edge-level or to the person. The proposed mechanism is simulated and substantiated against various existing scheme over several performance metrics such as delay, alteration rate, accuracy and response time.

Item Type: Peer reviewed article published in a journal
Kaddoum, Georges
Affiliation: Génie électrique
Date Deposited: 16 Oct 2023 17:28
Last Modified: 17 Oct 2023 19:20

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