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Magneto-optical detection of synthetic malaria pigment in photonic crystal fiber


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Azad, Saeed, Al-Shboul, Ahmad, Lacroix, Christian, Izquierdo, Ricardo, Ménard, David, Olivier, Martin, Guerrero, Carlos Villalba and Ung, Bora. 2023. « Magneto-optical detection of synthetic malaria pigment in photonic crystal fiber ». IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 23, nº 22. pp. 27369-27374.

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The necessity to develop new technologies for high-sensitivity malaria diagnosis has sparked a global effort in medical and integrative sciences. Most developing procedures rely on research-grade instruments, sophisticated assays, or on expertise. In this work, we propose an alternative optical methodology using a compact and user-friendly apparatus based on a photonic crystal fiber (PCF). Malaria pigment known as hemozoin is an insoluble reddish brown microcrystalline. These crystallites stand out from other blood components in terms of their exceptional magneto-optical features. Consequently, they can function as spinning entities in suspension in response to the external magnetic field. Here synthetic hemozoin (SHz) was obtained in a forthright way with a high yield of 75%. In addition, the prepared sample was characterized morphologically and structurally. The PCF’s nanoholes were filled with the aqueous suspension of SHz with various concentrations and transmitted power recorded in response to the magnetic field. We demonstrate a sensor with a detection threshold of 7.2 parasite/μl well below the level of clinical relevance (50-100 parasite/μl) at a very small liquid sample (less than 0.5 μl). The results of this investigation may provide new light on potential medicinal and sensor applications.

Item Type: Peer reviewed article published in a journal
Izquierdo, Ricardo
Ung, Bora
Affiliation: Génie électrique, Génie électrique
Date Deposited: 19 Oct 2023 13:51
Last Modified: 18 Dec 2023 17:10

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