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The development of systems engineering international standards and support tools for very small enterprises


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Laporte, Claude Y., Fanmuy, Gauthier and Ptack, Ken. 2012. « The development of systems engineering international standards and support tools for very small enterprises ». In 22nd Annual International Symposium of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and the 8th Biennial European Systems Engineering Conference (EuSEC) (Rome, Italy, July 9-12, 2012) pp. 1563-1590. San Diego, CA, USA : INCOSE-International Council on Systems Engineering.
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Industry recognizes that there are very small organizations that develop parts which contain software components. These organizations, those with up to 25 people, are very important to the world-wide economy, and the parts they develop are often integrated into products made by larger enterprises. Failure to deliver a quality product on time and within budget threatens the competitiveness of both organizations. One way to mitigate these risks is for all the suppliers in a product chain put in place proven engineering practices. Many international standards have been developed to capture such proven engineering practices. However, these standards were not written for very small development organizations and are consequently difficult to apply in such settings. An ISO Working Group has been established to address these difficulties. The working group developed standards and technical reports, ISO/IEC 29110, which were published in 2011 for organizations developing software. In 2009 an INCOSE working group was established to evaluate the possibility of developing a standard, using the ISO/IEC 29110 standard as a baseline and the ISO/IEC 15288 as the framework, for organizations developing systems. At the 2011 INCOSE International Workshop, a group of systems engineers reviewed the ISO/IEC 29110 software standard and proposed modifications to meet their needs. One constraint was to develop a document which will allow an organization developing systems with software components to be able to use the actual set of ISO/IEC 29110 standards as well as the proposed systems engineering standards. The future systems engineering standard is targeted at VSEs which do not have experience or expertise in tailoring ISO/IEC 15288. A draft document has been developed and reviewed. Recently, an ISO working group has been mandated to develop the ISO standard for very small organizations developing systems. The INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook is used as the main reference for the development of a set of systems engineering deployment packages. A deployment package is a set of artefacts developed to facilitate the implementation of a set of practices of a standard in a very small organization.

Item Type: Conference proceeding
ISBN: 9781622769162
Laporte, Claude Y.
Affiliation: Génie logiciel et des technologies de l'information
Date Deposited: 13 Dec 2013 20:51
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