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Gargour, Christian and Ramachandran, V.. 1983. « Stray insensitive switched capacitor biquadratic filter using a bilinear integrator as a generating circuit ». In Proceedings of the 26th Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 15-16 Aug. 1983 (Puebla, Mexico, 15-16 Aug. 1983) pp. 454-457. North Hollywood, CA, USA : Western Periodicals.

Ahmadi, M., Boraie, M. T., Ramachandran, V. and Gargour, Christian. 1983. « Design of two dimensional recursive digital filters with separable denominator transfer function using a new stability ». In MIMI '83 San Antonio : mini and microcomputers and their applications : proceedings of the twenty-third ISMM International Symposium, San Antonio, December 1983. (San Antonio, TX, USA, Dec. 12-13, 1983) pp. 51-53. Anaheim, CA, USA : ACTA Press.

Arteau, Jean. 1983. « Étude de la consolidation des sols gelés ». These. Montréal, Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, 410 p.

Awad, F. and Bogdadi, W. G.. 1983. « Interactive technique for the optimization of a PID controller parameter using microcomputers ». In Proceedings - 1983 International Electrical, Electronics Conference (Toronto, ON, Canada, Sept. 26-28, 1983) pp. 438-441. IEEE.

Awad, Fred. 1983. « Optimal control using low-order models and bandwidth limitation on the control signal ». In 33rd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference (Toronto, ON, Canada, Oct. 02-05, 1983) pp. 669-673. Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering.

Bauer, D., Glebe, M., Redwood, R. G. and Harris, P. J.. 1983. « Tests of HSS triangular truss segments ». In Proceedings, 1983 Annual Conference - Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (Ottawa, ON, Canada, June 01-03, 1983) 1. 203-201. 220. Canadian Society for Civil Engineering.

Bensoussan, David. 1983. « Application de quelques résultats de commande décentralisée à la commande des robots ». In 2nd IASTED International Symposium on Robotics and Simulation (Lugano, Suisse, 2-24 juin 1983)

Bensoussan, David. 1983. « Las Antennas ». Espagne : Instituto oficial de radio y television.

Bensoussan, David. 1983. « Simulation interactive et conception de contrôleurs de sensibilité pour les systèmes linéaires ». In 2nd IASTED International Symposium on Robotics and Simulation (Lugano, Suisse, 2-24 juin 1983)

de Guise, Jacques, Savard, Pierre, Guardo, Robert and Roberge, Fernand A.. 1983. « Inverse recovery of two dipoles using a realistic human torso model ». In 5th IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Annual Conference (Columbus, OH, USA, Sept. 10-12, 1983) pp. 59-62. IEEE.
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Martel, J. G. and Arteau, Jean. 1983. « Les programmes de certification des respirateurs aux États-Unis et en Europe ». Communication lors de la conférence : Colloque sur la protection personnelle (AHIQ), 14 sept. 1983).

Zames, George and Bensoussan, David. 1983. « Multivariable feedback, sensitivity, and decentralized control ». IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol. 28, nº 11. pp. 1030-1035.
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