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Seismic force amplification factors for telecommunication towers mounted on building rooftops


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Assi, R., McClure, G. and Yao, G.C.. 2006. « Seismic force amplification factors for telecommunication towers mounted on building rooftops ». In Proceedings of the 8th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (San Francisco, CA, USA, Apr. 18-22, 2006) pp. 9652-9661. Earthquake Engineering Research Institute ( EERI ).

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Telecommunication towers mounted on building rooftops are considered as flexible non-structural components from a building code perspective. In Canada, these are known as Operational and Functional Components (OFCs). Due to limited research on the seismic performance of OFCs, the current building code guidelines for seismic design of rooftop telecommunication towers are usually adequate only for very stiff towers. However, the behavior of flexible towers is different and this paper is an attempt to provide guidance on the prediction of the amplification of acceleration along the towers. Numerical simulations for four telecommunications towers of different heights (10-30 m) and geometric properties will be presented. These towers are assumed mounted on four buildings having different heights and lateral load resisting systems. The detailed finite element model of each building-tower combination was subjected to two large sets of earthquakes: one set of records is compatible with the target uniform hazard spectra of the 2005 National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) for Montreal, and the other set comprises 44 records classified according to their peak ground acceleration-to-velocity (a/v) ratio.

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Assi, Rola
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