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Jabbarzadeh, Armin, Aliabadi, Leyla et Yazdanparast, Reza. 2021. « Optimal payment time and replenishment decisions for retailer’s inventory system under trade credit and carbon emission constraints ». Operational Research, vol. 21, nº 1. pp. 589-620.
Compte des citations dans Scopus : 3.

Khosroshahi, Hossein, Azad, Nader, Jabbarzadeh, Armin et Verma, Manish. 2021. « Investigating the level and quality of the information in the environmental disclosure report of a corporation considering government intervention ». International Journal of Production Economics, vol. 235.

Ziaei, Zahra et Jabbarzadeh, Armin. 2021. « A multi-objective robust optimization approach for green location-routing planning of multi-modal transportation systems under uncertainty ». Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 291.


Amiri, M., Shafiei Nikabadi, M. et Jabbarzadeh, A.. 2020. « A closed-loop supply chain network in the edible oil industry using novel robust stochastic-possibilistic programming ». Industrial Management Studies.
(In press)

Derikvand, Hadis, Hajimolana, Seyed Mohammad, Jabbarzadeh, Armin et Najafi, Seyed Esmaeil. 2020. « A robust stochastic bi-objective model for blood inventory-distribution management in a blood supply chain ». European Journal of Industrial Engineering, vol. 14, nº 3. pp. 369-403.

Farrokhi-Asl, Hamed, Makui, Ahmad, Jabbarzadeh, Armin et Barzinpour, Farnaz. 2020. « Solving a multi-objective sustainable waste collection problem considering a new collection network ». Operational Research, vol. 20. pp. 1977-2015.
Compte des citations dans Scopus : 5.

Ghomi-Avili, Morteza, Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Reza, Jalali Naeini, Seyed Gholamreza et Jabbarzadeh, Armin. 2020. « Competitive green supply chain network design model considering inventory decisions under uncertainty: a real case of a filter company ». International Journal of Production Research.
(In press)

Jabbarzadeh, Armin, Azad, Nader et Verma, Manish. 2020. « An optimization approach to planning rail hazmat shipments in the presence of random disruptions ». Omega, vol. 96.
Compte des citations dans Scopus : 3.

Mirzamohammadi, Saeed, Jabbarzadeh, Armin et Shahrabi, Mehran Salehi. 2020. « Planning greenhouse energy supply with a focus on renewable energy in microgrid mode ». Energy Engineering & Management, vol. 10, nº 3. pp. 56-69.

Peykani, Pejman, Mohammadi, Emran, Jabbarzadeh, Armin, Rostamy-Malkhalifeh, Mohsen et Pishvaee, Mir Saman. 2020. « A novel two-phase robust portfolio selection and optimization approach under uncertainty: A case study of Tehran stock exchange ». PLoS One, vol. 15, nº 10.

Poursoltan, L., Seyedhosseini, S. M. et Jabbarzadeh, A.. 2020. « An extension to the economic production quantity problem with deteriorating products considering random machine breakdown and stochastic repair time ». International Journal of Engineering, Transactions B: Applications, vol. 33, nº 8. pp. 1567-1578.

Sabouhi, Fatemeh, Jabalameli, Mohammad Saeed, Jabbarzadeh, Armin et Fahimnia, Behnam. 2020. « A multi-cut L-shaped method for resilient and responsive supply chain network design ». International Journal of Production Research, vol. 58, nº 24. pp. 7353-7381.

Vaez, Parinaz, Jabbarzadeh, Armin et Azad, Nader. 2020. « Designing a scheduling decision support system for the skin pass line: A case study of the steel finishing line ». Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, vol. 234, nº 13. pp. 1640-1655.


Alimian, Mahyar, Saidi-Mehrabad, Mohammad et Jabbarzadeh, Armin. 2019. « A robust integrated production and preventive maintenance planning model for multi-state systems with uncertain demand and common cause failures ». Journal of Manufacturing Systems, vol. 50. pp. 263-277.

Amiri, M., Sadjadi, S.J., Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, R. et Jabbarzadeh, A.. 2019. « Optimal fleet composition and mix periodic location-routing problem with time windows in an offshore oil and gas industry: A case study of National Iranian Oil Company ». Scientia Iranica : Transaction E: Industrial Engineering, vol. 26, nº 1. pp. 522-537.

Amiri, Mohsen, Sadjadi, Seyed Jafar, Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Reza et Jabbarzadeh, Armin. 2019. « An integrated approach for facility location and supply vessel planning with time windows ». Journal of Optimization in Industrial Engineering, vol. 12, nº 1. pp. 151-165.

Azad, Nader, Aazami, Adel, Jabbarzadeh, Armin et Papi, Ali. 2019. « A two-phase genetic algorithm for incorporating environmental considerations with production, inventory and routing decisions in supply chain networks ». In GECCO 2019 Companion - Proceedings of the 2019 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion (Prague, Czech Republic, July 13-17, 2019) pp. 41-42. Association for Computing Machinery, Inc.
Compte des citations dans Scopus : 1.

Dehghan, Ehsan, Amiri, Maghsoud, Shafiei Nikabadi, Mohsen et Jabbarzadeh, Armin. 2019. « Novel robust fuzzy programming for closed-loop supply chain network design under hybrid uncertainty ». Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, vol. 37, nº 5. pp. 6457-6470.

Diabat, Ali, Jabbarzadeh, Armin et Khosrojerdi, Amir. 2019. « A perishable product supply chain network design problem with reliability and disruption considerations ». International Journal of Production Economics, vol. 212. pp. 125-138.
Compte des citations dans Scopus : 13.

Heidari, Razieh, Yazdanparast, Reza et Jabbarzadeh, Armin. 2019. « Sustainable design of a municipal solid waste management system considering waste separators: A real-world application ». Sustainable Cities and Society, vol. 47.
Compte des citations dans Scopus : 25.

Jabbarzadeh, A., Azad, N. et Verma, E.. 2019. « Disruption risk management in railroad transportation of dangerous goods: An optimization approach ». Communication lors de la conférence : Canadian Operational Research Society 61st Annual Conference (CORS) (Saskatoon, SK, Canada, May 27-29, 2019).

Jabbarzadeh, A., Azad, N. et Verma, E.. 2019. « Planning rail hazmat shipments in the presence of random disruptions ». Communication lors de la conférence : POMS International Conference (Brighton, UK, Sept. 02-04, 2019).

Jabbarzadeh, Armin, Haughton, Michael et Pourmehdi, Fahime. 2019. « A robust optimization model for efficient and green supply chain planning with postponement strategy ». International Journal of Production Economics, vol. 214. pp. 266-283.
Compte des citations dans Scopus : 9.

Khanjarpanah, Hossein et Jabbarzadeh, Armin. 2019. « Sustainable wind plant location optimization using fuzzy cross-efficiency data envelopment analysis ». Energy, vol. 170. pp. 1004-1018.
Compte des citations dans Scopus : 7.

Mahmoodian, Vahid, Jabbarzadeh, Armin, Rezazadeh, Hassan et Barzinpour, Farnaz. 2019. « A novel intelligent particle swarm optimization algorithm for solving cell formation problem ». Neural Computing and Applications, vol. 31, nº 2. pp. 801-815.

Mohammadian-Behbahani, Zahra, Jabbarzadeh, Armin et Saman Pishvaee, Mir. 2019. « A robust optimisation model for sustainable blood supply chain network design under uncertainty ». International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, vol. 31, nº 4. pp. 475-494.


Alavi, Seyyed Hossein et Jabbarzadeh, Armin. 2018. « Supply chain network design using trade credit and bank credit: A robust optimization model with real world application ». Computers and Industrial Engineering, vol. 125. pp. 69-86.
Compte des citations dans Scopus : 9.

Fahimnia, Behnam, Jabbarzadeh, Armin et Sarkis, Joseph. 2018. « Greening versus resilience: A supply chain design perspective ». Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, vol. 119. pp. 129-148.
Compte des citations dans Scopus : 12.

Jabbarzadeh, Armin, Verma, M. et Azad, N.. 2018. « Railroad transportation planning of hazardous materials in the presence of random disruptions ». Communication lors de la conférence : 60th Annual Canadian Operational Research Society Conference (Halifax, NS, Canada, June 04-06, 2018).

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