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Alomar, E. A., Wang, T., Raut, V., Mkaouer, M. W., Newman, C. et Ouni, A.. 2022. « Refactoring for reuse: An empirical study ». Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering.
(In press)

AlOmar, Eman Abdullah, Christians, Ben, Busho, Mihal, AlKhalid, Ahmed Hamad, Ouni, Ali, Newman, Christian et Mkaouer, Mohamed Wiem. 2022. « SATDBailiff-mining and tracking self-admitted technical debt ». Science of Computer Programming, vol. 213.

AlOmar, Eman Abdullah, Liu, Jiaqian, Addo, Kenneth, Mkaouer, Mohamed Wiem, Newman, Christian, Ouni, Ali et Yu, Zhe. 2022. « On the documentation of refactoring types ». Automated Software Engineering, vol. 29, nº 1.

Araujo, Voncarlos M., Britto, Alceu S., Oliveira, Luiz S. et Koerich, Alessandro L.. 2022. « Two-view fine-grained classification of plant species ». Neurocomputing, vol. 467. pp. 427-441.

Ataky, Steve Tsham Mpinda et Lameiras Koerich, Alessandro. 2022. « A novel bio-inspired texture descriptor based on biodiversity and taxonomic measures ». Pattern Recognition, vol. 123.

Avgeris, Marios, Spatharakis, Dimitrios, Dechouniotis, Dimitrios, Leivadeas, Aris, Karyotis, Vasileios et Papavassiliou, Symeon. 2022. « ENERDGE: Distributed energy-aware resource allocation at the edge ». Sensors, vol. 22, nº 2.

Awad, Mirna, Kara, Nadjia et Edstrom, Claes. 2022. « SLO-aware dynamic self-adaptation of resources ». Future Generation Computer Systems, vol. 133. pp. 266-280.

Azizmohammadi, Fariba, Navarro Castellanos, Iñaki, Miró, Joaquim, Segars, Paul, Samei, Ehsan et Duong, Luc. 2022. « Generative learning approach for radiation dose reduction in X-ray guided cardiac interventions ». Medical Physics.
(In press)

Bany Taha, Mohammad, Talhi, Chamseddine, Ould-Slimane, Hakima et Alrabaee, Saed. 2022. « TD-PSO: Task distribution approach based on particle swarm optimization for vehicular ad hoc network ». Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, vol. 33, nº 3.
Compte des citations dans Scopus : 1.

Belharbi, Soufiane, Rony, Jérôme, Dolz, Jose, Ben Ayed, Ismail, McCaffrey, Luke et Granger, Eric. 2022. « Deep interpretable classification and weakly-supervised segmentation of histology images via max-min uncertainty ». IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, vol. 41, nº 3. pp. 702-714.

Bouktif, Salah, Ouni, Ali et Lazarova-Molnar, Sanja. 2022. « Towards a rigorous consideration of occupant behaviours of residential households for effective electrical energy savings: An overview ». Energies, vol. 15, nº 5.

Boussard, Vivien, Coulombe, Stéphane, Coudoux, François-Xavier et Corlay, Patrick. 2022. « CRC-based correction of multiple errors using an optimized lookup table ». IEEE Access, vol. 10. pp. 23931-23947.

Bouzidi, EL Hocine, Outtagarts, Abdelkader, Langar, Rami et Boutaba, Raouf. 2022. « Dynamic clustering of software defined network switches and controller placement using deep reinforcement learning ». Computer Networks, vol. 207.

Bueno, Guilherme, Saquetti, Mateus, Rodrigues, Pablo, Lamb, Ivan, Gaspary, Luciano, Luizelli, Marcelo C., Zhani, Mohamed Faten, Azambuja, José Rodrigo et Cordeiro, Weverton. 2022. « Managing virtual programmable switches: Principles, requirements, and design directions ». IEEE Communications Magazine, vol. 60, nº 2. pp. 53-59.

Chaddad, Ahmad, Daniel, Paul, Zhang, Mingli, Rathore, Saima, Sargos, Paul, Desrosiers, Christian et Niazi, Tamim. 2022. « Deep radiomic signature with immune cell markers predicts the survival of glioma patients ». Neurocomputing, vol. 469. pp. 366-375.

Chaddad, Ahmad, Hassan, Lama et Desrosiers, Christian. 2022. « Deep radiomic analysis for predicting coronavirus disease 2019 in computerized tomography and X-ray images ». IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, vol. 33, nº 1. pp. 3-11.

Chauvin, Laurent, Kumar, Kuldeep, Desrosiers, Christian, Wells, William et Toews, Matthew. 2022. « Efficient pairwise neuroimage analysis using the soft jaccard index and 3D keypoint sets ». IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, vol. 41, nº 4. pp. 836-845.

Cruz, Rafael M. O., de Sousa, Woshington V. et Cavalcanti, George D. C.. 2022. « Selecting and combining complementary feature representations and classifiers for hate speech detection ». Online Social Networks and Media, vol. 28.

Daaji, Marwa, Ouni, Ali, Gammoudi, Mohamed Mohsen, Bouktif, Salah et Mkaouer, Mohamed Wiem. 2022. « Multi-criteria Web Services Selection: Balancing the Quality of Design and Quality of Service ». ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, vol. 22, nº 1.

Eramo, Romina, Bordeleau, Francis, Combemale, Benoit, van Den Brand, Mark, Wimmer, Manuel et Wortmann, Andreas. 2022. « Conceptualizing digital twins ». IEEE Software, vol. 39, nº 2. pp. 39-46.

Golaghazadeh, Firouzeh, Coulombe, Stéphane et Robert, Jean-Marc. 2022. « Residual packet loss rate analysis of 2-D parity forward error correction ». Signal Processing: Image Communication, vol. 102.

Gopinath, Karthik, Desrosiers, Christian et Lombaert, Herve. 2022. « Learnable pooling in graph convolutional networks for brain surface analysis ». IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 44, nº 2. pp. 864-876.

Hameed, Aroosa, Violos, John et Leivadeas, Aris. 2022. « A deep learning approach for IoT traffic multi-classification in a smart-city scenario ». IEEE Access, vol. 10. pp. 21193-21210.

Lahlou, Laaziz, Kara, Nadjia et Edstrom, Claes. 2022. « DAVINCI : online and Dynamic Adaptation of eVolvable vIrtual Network services over Cloud Infrastructures ». Future Generation Computer Systems, vol. 127. pp. 396-408.

Mohamadi, Houssem Eddine, Kara, Nadjia et Lagha, Mohand. 2022. « Heuristic-driven strategy for boosting aerial photography with multi-UAV-aided Internet-of-Things platforms ». Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, vol. 112.

Moufakir, Tarik, Zhani, Mohamed Faten, Gherbi, Abdelouahed et Bouachir, Ouns. 2022. « Collaborative multi-domain routing in SDN environments ». Journal of Network and Systems Management, vol. 30, nº 1.

Namrud, Zakeya, Kpodjedo, Sègla, Bali, Ahmed et Talhi, Chamseddine. 2022. « Deep-layer clustering to identify permission usage patterns of Android app categories ». IEEE Access, vol. 10. pp. 24240-24254.

Ouatiti, Youssef Esseddiq, Sayagh, Mohammed, Kerzazi, Noureddine et Hassan, Ahmed E.. 2022. « An empirical study on log level prediction for multi-component systems ». IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.
(In press)

Ounifi, Hibat-Allah, Gherbi, Abdelouahed et Kara, Nadjia. 2022. « Deep machine learning-based power usage effectiveness prediction for sustainable cloud infrastructures ». Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, vol. 52, nº part A.

Patel, Gaurav et Dolz, Jose. 2022. « Weakly supervised segmentation with cross-modality equivariant constraints ». Medical Image Analysis, vol. 77.

Peruma, Anthony, Simmons, Steven, AlOmar, Eman Abdullah, Newman, Christian D., Mkaouer, Mohamed Wiem et Ouni, Ali. 2022. « How do i refactor this? An empirical study on refactoring trends and topics in Stack Overflow ». Empirical Software Engineering, vol. 27, nº 1.

Rzepka, M., Boryło, P., Assunção, M. D., Lasoń, A. et Lefèvre, L.. 2022. « SDN-based fog and cloud interplay for stream processing ». Future Generation Computer Systems, vol. 131. pp. 1-17.

Sadri, Samin, Shahzad, Aamir et Zhang, Kaiwen. 2022. « Blockchain traceability in healthcare: Blood donation supply chain ». In 24th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) (PyeongChang, Korea (South), Feb. 13-16, 2022) pp. 119-126. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc..

Saidani, I., Ouni, A. et Mkaouer, M. W.. 2022. « Improving the prediction of continuous integration build failures using deep learning ». Automated Software Engineering, vol. 29, nº 1.

Saidani, Islem, Ouni, Ali, Ahasanuzzaman, Md, Hassan, Safwat, Mkaouer, Mohamed Wiem et Hassan, Ahmed E.. 2022. « Tracking bad updates in mobile apps: A search-based approach ». Empirical Software Engineering, vol. 27, nº 4.

Suwi, Hanan, Lahlou, Laaziz, Kara, Nadjia et Edstrom, Claes. 2022. « RAFALE: Rethinking the provisioning of virtuAl network services using a Fast and scAlable machine LEarning approach ». The Journal of Supercomputing.
(In press)

Walmsley, Felipe N., Cavalcanti, George D. C., Sabourin, Robert et Cruz, Rafael M. O.. 2022. « An investigation into the effects of label noise on Dynamic Selection algorithms ». Information Fusion, vol. 80. pp. 104-120.

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