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Grange, Mathieu, Nadeau, Sylvie and Hof, Lucas. 2 November 2022. « Disassembly 4.0/5.0 in the Automotive Industry ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Heibati, Seyedmohammadreza, Maref, Wahid and Saber, Hamed H.. 5 December 2022. « Simulating global building performance with a combined model ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Modifi Naeini, Alimeh and Nadeau, Sylvie. 23 May 2022. « Systemic Approaches to Risk Analysis in Digital Manufacturing ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Padois, Thomas, St-Jacques, Julien, Rouard, Kevin, Quaegebeur, Nicolas, Grondin, François, Berry, Alain, Nélisse, Hugues, Sgard, Franck and Doutres, Olivier. 12 January 2022. « What if Noise Could Be Seen? ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Slim, Hussein and Nadeau, Sylvie. 28 March 2022. « Combining Functional Resonance Analysis Method with Fuzzy Logic ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.


Arras, Wassila and Rousse, Daniel R.. 7 June 2021. « Turning Organic Waste Into Biogas ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Brial, Victor, Tran, Hang, Sorelli, Luca, Conciatori, David and Ouellet-Plamondon, Claudiane. 18 October 2021. « Reducing the carbon impact of concrete with the aluminum sector ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Chaabane, Amin. 15 November 2021. « Digital transformation: At the heart of economic recovery ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Gagnon, Ghyslain, Nabki, Frederic and Reulet, Bertrand. 27 October 2021. « Securing Connected Objects with Quantum Mechanics ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Luan, Yu, Doutres, Olivier, Nélisse, Hugues and Sgard, Franck. 6 December 2021. « Demystifying the Double Hearing Protector Effect ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Ouellet-Plamondon, Claudiane. 7 July 2021. « Construction Materials Integrated into the Circular Economy ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Prud'homme, Alberto and Nabki, Frédéric. 17 March 2021. « A Fully Integrated Regenerative Resonant MEMS CO2 Sensor ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Torres Medina, Yaniel, Nadeau, Sylvie and Landau, Kurt. 30 June 2021. « Work Schedules, Overtime, and Fatigue in Aerospace Manufacturing ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Verhaeghe, Edouard, Benhamza, Sam and Rousse, Daniel R.. 5 April 2021. « Increasing the Range of Low-Speed Electric Vehicles ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Yaméogo, Banti Laure Mathilde, Charlton, Douglas W., Doucet, David, Desrosiers, Christian, O' Sullivan, Maurice and Tremblay, Christine. 25 January 2021. « Detecting Performance Degradation in Fiber-Optic Cables ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.


Carillo, Kévin, Doutres, Olivier and Sgard, Franck. 28 September 2020. « When Hearing our own Voice is Disturbing: the Occlusion Effect ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Hassani Goodarzi, Asefeh, Jabbarzadeh, Armin and Paquet, Marc. 18 November 2020. « Reliable Cross-Docking Location Problem Under the Risk of Disruptions ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Mousavi, Seyed Sina, Guizani, Lotfi and Ouellet-Plamondon, Claudiane. 25 November 2020. « Self-Healing Concrete Using Superabsorbent Polymer ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Poissenot-Arrigoni, Bastien, Law, Chun Hong, Sgard, Franck and Doutres, Olivier. 14 December 2020. « Preserving workers’ hearing health by improving earplug efficiency ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Sharma, Manish and Ung, Bora. 22 June 2020. « Novel Optical Fiber for Guiding Vortex Light Beams ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Torres Medina, Yaniel and Nadeau, Sylvie. 23 September 2020. « The Future in Manufacturing - The Rise of Operator 4.0 ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.


Adoungotchodo, Atma, Alinejad, Yasaman, Grant, Michael, Epure, Laura M., Antoniou, John, Mwale, Fackson and Lerouge, Sophie. 22 January 2019. « Regenerating Intervertebral Discs with Chitosan Hydrogels ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Aladin, Sandra and Tremblay, Christine. 20 February 2019. « Using Artificial Intelligence in Optical Networking ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Allogba, Stéphanie and Tremblay, Christine. 15 May 2019. « Improving Optical Network Performance through Cognition ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Aveline, Victor and Rousse, Daniel R.. 16 October 2019. « Energy Efficiency for Poultry Shelters in Québec ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Azizi, Sohrab, David, Éric, Fréchette, Michel, Nguyen-Tri, Phuong and Ouellet-Plamondon, Claudiane. 29 January 2019. « Improving High Voltage Cables Using LDPE/CB Conductive Composites ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Brahmi, Brahim, Saad, Maarouf, Rahamn, Mohammed Habibur and Ochoa-Luna, Cristobal. 16 April 2019. « Exoskeleton Robot for Rehabilitation Purposes: ETS-MARSE Robot ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Chadha, Kanwal and Jahazi, Mohammad. 12 March 2019. « Atomistic Approach in Steel Transformation ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Fourmont, Paul, Gerlein Reyes, Luis Felipe, Fortier, François Xavier, Cloutier, Sylvain G. and Nechache, Riad. 30 April 2019. « Creating More Efficient Thermoelectric Devices ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Gagnon, Ghyslain. 5 March 2019. « Understanding our Electricity Consumption to Better Reduce it ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Gautier, Manon, Petit, Yvan, Labbé, David and Wagnac, Éric. 16 January 2019. « Biomechanical Evaluation of Lumbar Belts for Athletes ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Gundelwein, Lina, Miro, Joaquim, Gonzalez Barlatay, Fransisco, Lapierre, Chantale, Rohr, Karl and Duong, Luc. 26 March 2019. « Planning the next generation of stents for congenital heart defects ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Ignatowicz, Kevin, Morency, François and Lopez, Pierre. 11 December 2019. « Predicting Ice Debris Trajectories Around an Aircraft in Flight ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Kuitche, Maxime and Botez, Ruxandra. 26 February 2019. « Improving Drone Performance Using Flight Simulators ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Le Roux, Diane and Rousse, Daniel R.. 20 August 2019. « Comparing Thermal and Photovoltaic Water-Heaters ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Martel, Jean-Luc, Mailhot, Alain, Brissette, François and Caya, Daniel. 12 February 2019. « Extreme Precipitation: What Does the Climate of Tomorrow Hold? ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Matar, Georges, Lina, Jean-Marc, Carrier, Julie and Kaddoum, Georges. 24 April 2019. « Unobtrusive Sleep Monitoring ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Nadon, Vincent and Voix, Jérémie. 15 January 2019. « Otoacoustic Emissions: an Objective Measure of Hearing Health ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Rehouma, Haythem, Noumeir, Rita, Jouvet, Philippe and Essouri, Sandrine. 7 May 2019. « Saving Children through Xbox Cameras ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Robichaud, Alexandre, Cicek, Paul-Vahe, Deslandes, Dominic and Nabki, Frederic. 19 March 2019. « Ultrasonic Transducer for High Resolution Imaging ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Shahsavari, Yahya, Zhang, Kaiwen and Talhi, Chamseddine. 9 April 2019. « Modeling Bitcoin Network Performance ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Vu, Ngoc-Hung, Pham, Xuan-Tan, François, Vincent and Cuillière, Jean-Christophe. 1 May 2019. « Behavior Characterization of Large Dimension Composite Plate ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Zhuldybina, Mariia, Ropagnol, Xavier, Trudeau, Charles, Bolduc, Martin, Zednik, Ricardo J. and Blanchard, François. 23 April 2019. « Characterizing Printed Electronic Devices Using Terahertz Waves ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.


Agomma, Roseline Olory, Vázquez, Carlos, Cresson, Thierry and De Guise, Jacques. 4 July 2018. « Assisting Surgeons with Artificial Intelligence ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Bardela, Paul-Alexandre, Pageaud, Pierre and Botez, Ruxandra. 20 February 2018. « Validation of a Cessna Engine Compressor Model ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Bardela, Paul-Alexandre, Pageaud, Pierre and Botez, Ruxandra. 1 March 2018. « Validation of a Cessna Engine Model ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Benavides, Jaime, Trudeau, Charles, Gerlien Reyes, Luis Felipe and Cloutier, Sylvain G.. 7 November 2018. « TiO2 Crystalline Structure “À la Carte” ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Chuitcheu, James William, Texier, Damien and Bocher, Philippe. 13 March 2018. « Determining Properties of Materials at High Temperatures ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Chuitcheu, James William, Texier, Damien and Bocher, Philippe. 4 April 2018. « Hot Tensile Strength Micromachine for Aeronautics ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Garcia Cano, Edgar, Arambula, Fernando, Duong, Luc, Bellefleur, Christian, Roy Beaudry, Marjolaine, Joncas, Julien and Parent, Stephan. 19 November 2018. « Dynamic Classification of Abnormal Spinal Curves ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Hernandez-Dominguez, Laura, Ratté, Sylvie, Sierra, Gerardo and Roche-Bergua, Andres. 27 November 2018. « Automatic Detection of Alzheimer’s from Picture Descriptions ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Igntowicz, Kevin and Morency, François. 31 October 2018. « Anticipating Risk of Ice Ingestion by Aircraft Engines ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Lopez, Ruben Rodrigo, Nerguizian, Vahé and Stiharu, Ion. 11 September 2018. « Mass Production of Liposomes—Pushing Forward Next-Generation Therapies ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Mubarak, Fares, Deslandes, Dominic and Nabki, Frédéric. 25 September 2018. « SPARK Microsystems: Reinventing Data Transmission ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Paradis, Pierre-Luc, Rousse, Daniel R., Lamarche, Louis and Nesreddine, Hakim. 12 November 2018. « Improving Heat Pump Performance with Solar Energy ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Paz, Andres and El Boussaidi, Ghizlane. 5 December 2018. « Developing Avionics Software ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Pradhan, Prabin and Ung, Bora. 29 May 2018. « Generating and Characterizing Cylindrical Vector beams ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Rohart, Vincent, Laberge Lebel, Louis and Dubé, Martine. 2018. « Better Knowledge of Aging Welded Composites ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Segui, Marine, Ghazi, Georges, Mantilla, Matthieu, Bezin, Simon and Botez, Ruxandra. 4 September 2018. « Morphing Wing Technology—For the Future of Aviation ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Segui, Marine, Mantilla, Matthieu and Botez, Ruxandra. 2 October 2018. « Original Methods for Finding a Wing Shape Airfoil ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Segui, Marine, Thompson, Émily and Botez, Ruxandra. 9 October 2018. « Aerodynamic Modeling of the World’s Fastest Business Jet ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Timercan, Anatolie, Brailovski, Vladimir, Lussier, Bertrand, Petit, Yvan and Seguin, Bernard. 8 May 2018. « 3D Printed Personalized Canine Prostheses ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Trochu, Julien, Chaabane, Amin and Ouhimmou, Mustapha. 30 October 2018. « Optimizing Quebec’s Lumber Recycling ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.


Afshin, Mariam, Ben Ayed, Ismail, Punithakumar, Kumaradevan, Law, Max, Islam, Ali, Goela, Aashish, Peters, Terry and Li, Shuo. 29 August 2017. « Automating Cardiac Disease Detection ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Andre, Theo, Communier, David, Flores, Manuel, Botez, Ruxandra, Carranza Moyao, Oscar, Wong, Tony and Gauthier, Guy. 7 November 2017. « Measuring Impact of an Aileron on Aerodynamic Behaviour in a Wind Tunnel ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Badeli, Saeed, Saliani, Saeed and Carter, Alan. 2 February 2017. « Effect of Short Aramid Fibers on Asphalt Performance ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Belleau, Jean-François, Khaled, Amar and Nollet, Marie-Josée. 14 February 2017. « Parametric Study of the Seismic Response of Bridges ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Kuester, Scheyla, Barra, Guilherme M. O. and Demarquette, Nicole R.. 8 March 2017. « Did you Know that your Mobile Devices Cause Electromagnetic Interference? ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Kumar, Kuldeep, Desrosiers, Christian, Siddiqi, Kaleem, Colliot, Olivier and Toews, Matthew. 14 November 2017. « Fiberprint: Human Brain Wiring Shows Unique Fingerprint ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Machetto, Antoine, Communier, David, Botez, Ruxandra, Carranza Moyao, Oscar and Wong, Tony. 5 April 2017. « Automating Wing Angle Changes inside the LARCASE Price – Païdoussis Wind Tunnel ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Murrieta-Mendoza, Alejandro, Beuze, Bruce, Ternisien, Laurane and Botez, Ruxandra Mihaela. 22 March 2017. « The Beam Search Algorithm to Optimize Vertical Reference Trajectories ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Pelletier, Vincent, Petit, Yvan, Brailovski, Vladimir, Denis, Ronald, Studer, Anne-Sophie and Wagnac, Éric. 15 November 2017. « Printing a 3D Stomach Teaching Tool for Bariatric Surgery ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Zinsalo, Joël M. and Lamarche, Louis. 1 May 2017. « Electricity Generation from Deep Geothermal Energy ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.


Facchinello, Yann, Brummund, Martin, Mac-Thiong, Jean-Marc, Petit, Yvan and Brailovski, Vladimir. 22 August 2016. « Optimizing Spinal Implants through Modeling ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Jetté, Bruno, Letenneur, Morgan, Samoilenko, Mykhalio and Brailovski, Vladimir. 7 June 2016. « Making the Most of Additive Manufacturing: Facing the Challenge ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Jouaneau, Carl, Beltran-Galindo, Javier and Ouellet-Plamondon, Claudiane. 3 May 2016. « Does Your Home Have an Impact on the Ecological Footprint? ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Poulin, Jean-René, Barry, David and Brailovski, Vladimir. 14 October 2016. « Additive Manufacturing of Argon 18’s Olympic Race Bike Stem ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Rousse, Daniel R.. 23 February 2016. « The T3e Group: Past, Present, and Foreseeable Future ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Yakhya, Saleh and Morency, François. 13 October 2016. « Impinging Spray Technique for Ground Deicing ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.


Jetté, Bruno, Fréchette, Guillaume, Guillemette, Olivier, Gaudreau, Robin, Simoneau, Charles, Terriault, Patrick and Brailovski, Vladimir. 19 August 2015. « Increasing Hip Prostheses’ Lifespan ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Kurusu, Rafael S. and Demarquette, Nicole R.. 9 April 2015. « Can we control the “Wetting Behavior” of Polymer Fibers made by Electrospinning? ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Laporte, Claude Y. and Chevalier, Frédéric. 30 September 2015. « Economic benefits of ISO / IEC 29110 Standard: a Case Study ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Tauveron, Thibaut, Noury, Michel and Gagnon, Ghyslain. 31 August 2015. « ÉTSmap: An Android App to help you find your way around ÉTS ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

Zinsalo, Joël M. and Lamarche, Louis. 21 October 2015. « Deep Geothermal Energy: A Potential not Fully Exploited ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.


Pigeon, Steven and Coulombe, Stéphane. 8 November 2014. « Maximizing quality of Multimedia Messaging Services ». [Research article]. Substance ÉTS.

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