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AlOmar, Eman Abdullah, Christians, Ben, Busho, Mihal, AlKhalid, Ahmed Hamad, Ouni, Ali, Newman, Christian et Mkaouer, Mohamed Wiem. 2022. « SATDBailiff-mining and tracking self-admitted technical debt ». Science of Computer Programming, vol. 213.

Araujo, Voncarlos M., Britto, Alceu S., Oliveira, Luiz S. et Koerich, Alessandro L.. 2022. « Two-view fine-grained classification of plant species ». Neurocomputing, vol. 467. pp. 427-441.

Ataky, Steve Tsham Mpinda et Lameiras Koerich, Alessandro. 2022. « A novel bio-inspired texture descriptor based on biodiversity and taxonomic measures ». Pattern Recognition, vol. 123.

Babaie, Mohammad, Mehrasa, Majid, Sharifzadeh, Mohammad et Al-Haddad, Kamal. 2022. « Floating weighting factors ANN-MPC based on lyapunov stability for seven-level modified PUC active rectifier ». IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol. 69, nº 1. pp. 387-398.

Beauséjour, Marie-Hélène, Wagnac, Eric, Arnoux, Pierre Jean, Mac Thiong, Jean-Marc et Petit, Yvan. 2022. « Numerical investigation of spinal cord injury after flexion-distraction injuries at the cervical spine ». Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, vol. 144, nº 1.

Bui, Thi-Thuyet, Vu, Viet-Hung et Liu, Zhaoheng. 2022. « Modal analysis of slow varying non-stationary vibration by model updating with Schur complement ». Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, vol. 162.

Delmas, Vincent et Soulaïmani, Azzeddine. 2022. « Multi-GPU implementation of a time-explicit finite volume solver using CUDA and a CUDA-Aware version of OpenMPI with application to shallow water flows ». Computer Physics Communications, vol. 271.

Dhahri, Akrem, Gharbi, Ali et Ouhimmou, Mustapha. 2022. « Integrated production-delivery control policy for an unreliable manufacturing system and multiple retailers ». International Journal of Production Economics, vol. 245.

Do, Thanh-Trung, Vu, Viet-Hung et Liu, Zhaoheng. 2022. « Linearization of dynamic equations for vibration and modal analysis of flexible joint manipulators ». Mechanism and Machine Theory, vol. 167.

Hasani Goodarzi, Asefeh, Diabat, Eleen, Jabbarzadeh, Armin et Paquet, Marc. 2022. « An M/M/c queue model for vehicle routing problem in multi-door cross-docking environments ». Computers and Operations Research, vol. 138.

Kaymanesh, Amirabbas, Chandra, Ambrish et Al-Haddad, Kamal. 2022. « Model predictive control of MPUC7-Based STATCOM using autotuned weighting factors ». IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol. 69, nº 3. pp. 2447-2458.

Kouchaki-Penchah, Hamed, Bahn, Olivier, Vaillancourt, Kathleen et Levasseur, Annie. 2022. « The contribution of forest-based bioenergy in achieving deep decarbonization: Insights for Quebec (Canada) using a TIMES approach ». Energy Conversion and Management, vol. 252.

Kumar, Mukesh, Haillot, Didier et Gibout, Stéphane. 2022. « Survey and evaluation of solar technologies for agricultural greenhouse application ». Solar Energy, vol. 232. pp. 18-34.

Lahlou, Laaziz, Kara, Nadjia et Edstrom, Claes. 2022. « DAVINCI : online and Dynamic Adaptation of eVolvable vIrtual Network services over Cloud Infrastructures ». Future Generation Computer Systems, vol. 127. pp. 396-408.

Langevin, Antoine, Carbonneau, Marc-André, Cheriet, Mohamed et Gagnon, Ghyslain. 2022. « Energy disaggregation using variational autoencoders ». Energy and Buildings, vol. 254.

Langlais, David, Demers, Vincent et Brailovski, Vladimir. 2022. « Rheology of dry powders and metal injection molding feedstocks formulated on their base ». Powder Technology, vol. 396, nº Part A. pp. 13-26.

Laplace, Josée, Bild, Edda, Trudeau, Christopher, Perna, Maxime, Dupont, Thomas et Guastavino, Catherine. 2022. « Encadrement du bruit environnemental au Canada ». Canadian Public Policy.
(In press)

Moufakir, Tarik, Zhani, Mohamed Faten, Gherbi, Abdelouahed et Bouachir, Ouns. 2022. « Collaborative multi-domain routing in SDN environments ». Journal of Network and Systems Management, vol. 30, nº 1.

Naeini, Alimeh Mofidi et Nadeau, Sylvie. 2022. « Application of FRAM to perform risk analysis of the introduction of a data glove to assembly tasks ». Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, vol. 74.

Ning, Bohao, Londono, Irène, Laporte, Catherine et Villemure, Isabelle. 2022. « Validation of an in vivo micro-CT-based method to quantify longitudinal bone growth of pubertal rats ». Bone, vol. 154.

Perna, Maxime, Padois, Thomas, Trudeau, Christopher, Bild, Edda, Laplace, Josée, Dupont, Thomas et Guastavino, Catherine. 2022. « Comparison of road noise policies across Australia, Europe, and North America ». International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 19, nº 1.

Peruma, Anthony, Simmons, Steven, AlOmar, Eman Abdullah, Newman, Christian D., Mkaouer, Mohamed Wiem et Ouni, Ali. 2022. « How do i refactor this? An empirical study on refactoring trends and topics in Stack Overflow ». Empirical Software Engineering, vol. 27, nº 1.

Pham, Minh-Nha, Champliaud, Henri, Liu, Zhaoheng et Bonev, Ilian A.. 2022. « Parameterized finite element modeling and experimental modal testing for vibration analysis of an industrial hexapod for machining ». Mechanism and Machine Theory, vol. 167.

Pham, Quang Hung, Gagnon, Martin, Antoni, Jérôme, Tahan, Antoine et Monette, Christine. 2022. « Prediction of hydroelectric turbine runner strain signal via cyclostationary decomposition and kriging interpolation ». Renewable Energy, vol. 182. pp. 998-1011.

Salehian Matikolaie, Fatemeh, Kheddache, Yasmina et Tadj, Chakib. 2022. « Automated newborn cry diagnostic system using machine learning approach ». Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, vol. 73.

Sta, Marwa, Tada, Dayane B., Medeiros, Simone F., Santos, Aamilton M. et Demarquette, Nicole R.. 2022. « Electrospun poly(NVCL-co-AA) fibers as potential thermo-and pH-sensitive agents for controlled release of hydrophobic drugs ». Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology, vol. 276.

Tabaie, Seyedmohammad, Rezai-Aria, Farhad, Flipo, Bertrand C. D. et Jahazi, Mohammad. 2022. « Dissimilar linear friction welding of selective laser melted Inconel 718 to forged Ni-based superalloy AD730: Evolution of strengthening phases ». Journal of Materials Science and Technology, vol. 96. pp. 248-261.

Thamsuwan, Ornwipa et Johnson, Peter W.. 2022. « Machine learning methods for electromyography error detection in field research : An application in full-shift field assessment of shoulder muscle activity in apple harvesting workers ». Applied Ergonomics, vol. 98.

Vedaei-Sabegh, Ali, Morin, Jean-Benoît et Jahazi, Mohammad. 2022. « Influence of thermally grown oxide layers thickness on temperature evolution during the forging of large size steel ingots ». Materials Chemistry and Physics, vol. 275.

Walmsley, Felipe N., Cavalcanti, George D. C., Sabourin, Robert et Cruz, Rafael M. O.. 2022. « An investigation into the effects of label noise on Dynamic Selection algorithms ». Information Fusion, vol. 80. pp. 104-120.

Yu, Peng, Yang, Mo, Xiong, Ao, Ding, Yahui, Li, Wenjing, Qiu, Xuesong, Meng, Luoming, Kadoch, Michel et Cheriet, Mohamed. 2022. « Intelligent-Driven green resource allocation for industrial internet of things in 5G heterogeneous networks ». IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, vol. 18, nº 1. pp. 520-530.

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